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YO LOVELIES. You all know what the winning question is: how was your Christmas? Full of awesome surprises and hugs and cookies and sprinkles and smiles, I hope. I want to hear that your Christmas was Hallmark perfect, basically. Mine was too awesome for words, and reminded me of what a beautiful life and a wonderful family I have. It also reminded me that when things so wrong, we are still here, still healthy, still going strong. We are okay.

  • A painting for my mom. EEEEEK. She loved it and says that I’m a good artist but I really need to do it more often so I can improve. I also really love impressionistic art and would like to get better at that, so…we shall see. Maybe if I paint more often and get motivating comments on Instagram, it’ll urge me to keep going. 😉
  • Sugar cookies. Plus frosting with natural food dyes. (PLEASE NOTE: naturally colored red dye makes things orange/salmon pink, not truly red. Oh my gosh. And my mom said that my red frosting looked like red pepper hummus. So yay. HUMMUS FROSTED COOKIES, ANYONE?)
  • Turkish Delight. Yep, just like in Narnia. Well, sort of. I cross-examined SO MANY RECIPES and finally picked one that looked authentic and didn’t involve a million hours, but it was sort of…gross. Maybe I just don’t like the flavor of rose water? idek. It tastes like perfume. Pretty, but I don’t know how Edmund could love it so much.

  • This mug (also pictured above.) Like, I never expected my sister to get it for me after I squealed over it on Pinterest. But she did. She is awesome.
  • A snazzy little record player. ISN’T IT CUTE?? Right now it’s sitting in my office, and the gorgeous white vinyl record playing is Rituals by Other Lives. (Thanks, Katie!) I AM SO HAPPY AND BLESSED OMW.
  • My gorgeous audio interface. *cries*

The fact that 100% God entered a human being’s body. Like, can we all just SCREAM for a second? Because this is amazing.God proves that he’s always loved us and has always been with us by becoming Emmanuel. He has never left us. He has been with us before the foundation of the world. That just blows my mind. All of God became a human being—a vulnerable baby, in fact—and got to see his world through human eyes for the first time. Like wow.

When my mom woke me up at six o’clock in the morning to see the full cold moon setting over the lake. It was just as magical as it sounds. The lake hasn’t frozen yet, so there was a wide path of sparkling silver light stretching from the west side of the lake to our waterfront. It’s rare to see a full moon in the dawning skies on Christmas morning – so rare, in fact, that it’s not going to happen again until 2034. SO I HOPE Y’ALL GOT A CHANCE TO SEE IT. Truly gorgeous, she was. ♥

  • FINALLY GETTING THIS WEBSITE UP. I say that every week, don’t I? WELL NO MATTER. IT’S HAPPENING THIS TIME. Because I’m super close to being done and unbelievably close to being ready to release the single.GAAAAAAH. I wilt.
  • A top ten post. Can’t tell you what of, lest ALL THE DRAMA BE DEAD. But I can tell you that it’s going to be awesome. And it involves musical things. So THERE. Stay tuned.
  • The start of a NEW BLOG SERIES on New Year’s Day! Yep, it’s happening. And I’m SO EXCITED guys it’s ridiculous. It’ll be more of an instructive/constructive series, full of awesomeness. WOW SO MUCH DETAIL RIGHT? Ha yeah just stay tuned it’ll be great.
  • Snow on Tuesday? Ugh, I hope not. But then, I’ve been so pampered with this amazing warm weather! El Nino is really bringing home the goods for Vermont, but not for southern states. I’ve been praying super hard for all those people who are experiencing crazy storms and floods this Christmas. ♥

What was YOUR Christmas like? Quiet or loud? Snowy or warm? Did YOU make any gifts? Or cookies? What gifts did YOU swoon over? Meditations? What about your favorite Christmas moment? And tell me if you saw the full cold moon! And last but not least, how many balled-up Christmas wrappings did you toss at your family members???? Just kidding – what does next week look like for YOU?



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