Real Life Saturday (Episode 05)


WELL BOOM, THERE WE HAVE IT – another two weeks. It flew out the window. And Christmas is suddenly like, 13 DAYS FROM NOW? How did that happen. I demand to see the queen! And MY NECK HURTS. (Okay I’m going to stop quoting Frozen even though it’s kind of cosmically aligning with my life right now.) I still don’t have some gifts for people, so the biting of fingernails ensues here. But my BEAUTIFUL AUDIO INTERFACE can’t come soon enough for me, so… (yep. I can hear you slow clapping.)


  • A MESS OF MY WEBSITE. Totally didn’t see that coming, did you? Nawwww. In short, I had NO IDEA what I was doing with code and stuff… (yep, anybody who uses the word “stuff” while talking about the inner organs of a website is obviously not code-inclined. Heh.) But don’t worry, it’s still going to happen. With the help of someone who actually knows what they’re doing.
  • Blondies for my library’s Christmas party. AND I WANTED TO EAT THEM ALL THE END.
  • Progress on a birthday gift. And yup I can’t talk about it because the receiver might just happen to see it. 😉


That I had one of those giant mansions (like Mr. Darcy in Pride & Prejudice or the Mansfields in Belle – either one would work, really, I’m not picky) so that I could play my baby grand piano all the time all day without disturbing anyone because the rest of the family would be in another wing and they wouldn’t even be able to hear me. Oh and I’d have a bunch of cute footmen to wait on me. Yep.


  • Reading. Because I recently discovered that I’m actually NOT a slow reader. (WHO KNEW, RIGHT.) I’d probably classify myself as a moderate reader, but I just don’t have time to read. Thus schedules have been created which means after five o’clock (unless the universe is pulling on my body and BEGGING ME to do something more important) I am food for the books. Yep. For the books. Some people eat books. Books eat ME. Nom nom nom.
  • Learning French. I’ve been such a SLACKER with this language it’s not even funny. But I guess that’s the problem with self-motivation. If you don’t have it, then…you don’t have it. Ha.
  • Being more tentative. As in, not beating myself up if something doesn’t happen exactly as I’d planned. THINGS RARELY HAPPEN EXACTLY AS I’D PLANNED. I HAVE TO GET OVER IT. I have to just take a deep breath, say that I did my best and it just didn’t work out. That’s all we can do, right? Our best.


  • NO SNOW. Literally I’m FREAKING OUT with how warm it is this December. It’s almost like winter read my survival guide and decided to pity me. Or she read this and is planning something HORRIBLE for January. (Yep, winter is my antagonist.) It’s okay. I’ll just be curled up in the corner over here, watching Downton Abbey with a giant cup of tea.
  • When Braiden Sunshine sang Amazing Grace. I think I melted.
  • Aforementioned blondies. I totally snuck some for myself. #sorrynotsorry


  • ACTUALLY LITERALLY FILMING THE MUSIC VIDEO. So things kind of always go wayyy too slow for my liking. THEREFORE – I’M FILMING IT MYSELF. And I am a confident human being and it’s going to be awesome. And there’s an end to it.
  • A lovely little playlist of Christmas music. EEEEK! Expect some QUALITY, folks. Only the best make it to my playlists. 😉
  • A sneak preview of something really awesome. OKAY, I’ll give a hint – the song that goes with the music video.THAT’S RIGHT, I’ll be announcing the release date on the 18th. SO KEEP YO EYES PEELED. And stick around for the preview. Because I’m going to be squealing pretty loud and you won’t wanna miss it.


Are you freaked out by how fast Christmas is approaching? Does YOUR neck hurt? What did YOU make this week? What do YOU want to do more of? What do you sometimes wish for? Don’t worry, it can be totally unrealistic. What made YOU happy this week? And what’s next week looking like? ARE YOU AS EXCITED FOR THE SNEAK PREVIEW AS I AM???



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