My Official Personal Winter Survival Guide

Winter is a brutal thing where I live. There’s lots of cold, lots of snow, and even more cold. And then it lasts for months. Like, not just wintery months, but all the way through March and sometimes into April. It’s not fun. Especially for this girl who was most definitely destined to live in a tropical region of the world. (Ah, goals.) THAT BEING SAID, I have a little something to share with you all today: my Official Personal Winter Survival Guide. It’s kind of like that My Favorite Things song – only replace “when the dog bites” and “when the bee stings” with “when it’s snowing” and “when it’s snowing.” And naturally I’m feeling sad. (These things are nuances.)

BY NO MEANS BE OFFENDED. I like snow, I really do. It’s pretty (sometimes.) But we just get wayyy too much of it which isn’t fun to shovel and plow. Oh and did I mention that we live on the dead end of a hilly dirt road? (Yes, we do have studded snow tires thank you for your concern.)

  • Well there’s Christmas. That’s always EXCITING. Not as exciting as it is in Narnia, seeing as I don’t get chased by Father Christmas and given swords and fireflower juice and whatnot…but still. It’s fun.
  • Two birthdays. Which means TOO MANY GIFTS TO THINK ABOUT. But you know me, I like high-demand situations. Heh. But no, any excuse to eat cake is most welcome. Most welcome indeed.
  • Grand Prix figure skating finals. Like, YAAAS.
  • The Voice finals. Also exciting, although I swear I know exactly who is going to win, place, etc. (Yeah, I’m that good. Ha.)
  • 122 days until Florida. That number seems very large. I just…I don’t like three digits, not when it’s a countdown to Florida. Just no. No, no, no.

  • The sixth and final season of Downton Abbey. LIKE, HOW IS IT ALMOST OVER? That’s just wrong.
  • Ice skating. WOOOOOT, because I am craving to get them blades back on my feet. Man. I just miss it so much.
  • The Finest Hours comes out. *squeals* Self-explanatory. It looks amazing and I’m going to force my sister to go see it with me. (She loves survival films. </sarcasm>)
  • 91 days until Florida. Now that is a better looking number. I can handle 91 days, I really can.

  • There’s the excuse to eat an unacceptable amount of chocolate. I’m past the age of boxes of chocolates. Just get mebars of chocolate and leave it by my laptop so I have something pretty to look at while I write. Heh. (We’re so grown up. *sniff* WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN??)
  • 62 days until Florida. YEEEAAAH DUDE, that means like TWO MONTHS. You know?
  • What else can we do? OH I KNOW – sit inside and stare out at the piles of snow. This is me being optimistic. See? I found something we can do.

  • Still snowing, yayyyy. But now I will have a new appreciation for snow. Because I can go outside and shovel and not even have to work out for the rest of the day because I JUST DID EIGHT HUNDRED REPS OF LIFTING FIFTY POUND SHOVEL-LOADS OF SLUSH okay I’m fine I’m fine I’m gonna make it I really am. Ahem.
  • I’m working on writing and recording music. That’s enough to distract me (somewhat.)
  • I’m writing a book. That takes place in Florida. No really, I am. I took a long, ridiculous break from it, but now I’ve returned with a revised plot (huzzah! For the eighth time…) and this keeps me going. There’s something very comforting about writing warm, balmy, sunshiney, beach scenes. I wonder what it is.

  • Florida. Need I say more? I have survived. I HAVE SURVIIIIIIVEED.


So that was my winter survival guide. Aka, how I’m going to make it through. What about YOU GUYS? How do you cope with the nightmarishness of winter? Do tell me and give pointers in the comments. And if you know the spoiler in Downton Abbey, we can weep over it together.



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