Guess what’s on iTunes?


NFKNSDLMSKALDJFNSKN. I literally like don’t know what else to say right now, y’know? Today is a very big day for me, because today I’m announcing to you all (and to the rest of the world) that my new single “Mirror Girl” is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, and everywhere music is sold. Like, can we jUST BUST OUT THE FIREWORKS ALREADY???


So that is part one of my exciting news. Part two is MY WEBSITE IS UP. Gaaaaah. It actually turned out so gorgeous and I can say that because I didn’t design it. Heh. So yes, go and check that out right here. And on the website is an official audio video of the full-length song for your immediate gratification. Aaaaand there’s nothing left to say. (At least for now.)

Be sure to stay tuned for an upcoming music video of this song. I’ve been so busy lately, but I’m still going to make this music video, and it’s still going to be epic. So don’t go thinking that this is all there is. Because more to come, my friends. MORE TO COME.


I have no questions today. All I can do is flail.



Google_Play_logo100      ITunes_12_logo100



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