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 YOU. GUYS. Today I’m collaborating with the fantastic Rachel Alison over at SilverMess! (btw if you don’t already follow her blog, DO SO RIGHT NOW.) We’re doing a post swap which means I’m guest posting on her blog as she guest posts on mine! So let’s get this show on the road, shall we? Rachel has a lot of fabulous stuff to talk about so I’M GONNA SHUT UP NOW. 
     How are you doing? My name’s Rachel + I’m taking over Abbie’s blog today for a super-special guest-post swap! (She’s posting over on my blog, so if you’re interested in seeing what she’s doing, click here.)
     About two weeks ago, I asked if she’d like to kick off a series on my blog called A Day in the Life of a Content Creator. She said yes, and asked if I’d like to guest post on her blog. I said of course!
     So here we are.

  The most creative day in my week is probably Saturday (how funny…this is posting on a Saturday, and I’m writing it on a Saturday), mostly because I don’t have school.

9:00 AM – Wake up time! I go to bed fairly late on Friday nights, not because I’m partying so hard (haha), but because I’m usually either watching YouTube or reading books on my online public library (which is totally cool. you should see if you have an online public library near you–I use this website called overdrive.com, and it’s amazing because you can just punch in your zip code and see if the libraries near you have online ones). I generally don’t like sleeping in until the afternoon, so I compromise nicely by waking up at 9.

     I start off my mornings by just lying in bed, glorying in the fact that it’s A) 9 AM, B) I don’t have to go to school, and C) I DON’T HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL. Then I roll out of bed + check Instagram + my blogs + stuff. Yay.

9:15 AM – I go downstairs and eat breakfast. Sometimes I try to eat healthy–my family eats a lot of fruit, so sometimes I have fruit. Other times I eat really sugary cereal (Cinnamon Toast Crunch ftw) or toast or something. This morning, I eat some leftover pastries from an Asian bakery (ever heard of 85 Degrees?) that my mom bought. They’re delicious–I have part of a cinnamon-sugar crusty twist thing, and part of a buttery chocolate-chip bread. (Today’s not a healthy day.)

9:30 AM – I get ready. Sometimes I have stuff going on on Saturdays and sometimes I don’t. Today, I’m going on a hike with my friends at 10, so I throw on some clothes. I’m not really fashion-minded.

10:00 AM – Two of my friends and I go for a hike! It’s funny, because I live in a suburban town with plenty of concrete and asphalt, so I never knew that we had a hiking trail, but apparently we DO and it leads to a state park! There were a lot of grassy fields and rolling hills (*cues Sound of Music soundtrack*) and it had a pretty good view of the surrounding neighborhoods and my high school.

11:15 AM – I come back home + do some chores–laundry, organizing things, etc. Then I start writing a blog post that will go up this week.

12:00 PM – My family comes back (my brothers had tennis tournaments) and we all have lunch together. I’ve been on this huge quesadilla kick, so I have half a cheese quesadilla and some noodles. We all talk tennis (which, admittedly, does get old) + eat Girl Scout cookies (because Girl Scout cookies are awesome).

1:00 PM – I go upstairs and finish the blog post + make a graphic for it, then write a newspaper article. After, I start another blog post, but get distracted halfway through it and start watching a YouTube channel. This turns into an Instagram stalking session, and it all goes downhill. Then I start writing again. After a while, I need to take a break.


3:00 PM – A month or two ago, I decided to be artsy and I took a bunch of old T-shirts and paints and brushes into my backyard and played around with it all. It was a super fun session–I made some pretty awful designs, and then I made one or two using a leaves as sort of patterned stamps, and the effect turned out really well. I decide to have another artsy session like it, so I pull out the paints and some fabric spray paints and a bunch of old T-shirts and random things (like boxes and posters that have already been written on) for experimentation.
I play around for about two hours, filming the process, and am eventually joined by my younger sister, who sets up camp right next to me and paints as well. My first couple of projects (I try to paint on a Macbook Air box, then an old shirt) turn out not-so-great, but then the last one turns into something cool–I paint an explosion of vivid color on the front of one of the shirts, and it looks amazing.

5:00 PM – I come upstairs and write a bit more, then decide that I need to do some homework. But before I do that, I procrastinate a little bit and read some blogs. Because I love reading blogs. Ever since I got my Bloglovin’ account, I’ve been using the app to read some of them at school, and I’m a huge fan of it now. Then, furthering my procrastination, I head to YouTube and watch some videos.

6:00 PM – I start homework. And by that, I mean “read Bio book for fifteen minutes and take a break, outline Bio for fifteen minutes and take a break.” I’m not efficient when I’m doing homework, particularly on the weekends.

7:15 PM – I eat dinner with my family (a little bit of everything–shrimp and pasta, mac’n’cheese, Cup o’ Noodle–we eat a lot of noodles–bread with oil and vinegar and salad), during which my dad talks about my blog after I complain that we talk about tennis too much. He says he likes my blog template. (Thanks, Dad!)

8:00 PM – We go to Yogurtland to celebrate one of my brother’s tennis victories and my little sister passing her piano testing thing. I tell myself I’m not going to get too much, so I don’t, but I end up mooching off my mom’s froyo. Sorry, Mom.

8:30 PM – We get home and I end up watching more YouTube (movie trailers, anyone?) because I don’t want to do more homework.

9:30 PM – *cue SpongeBob voice* One hour later…I do more homework. But not that much.

10:00 PM – I work on more blog posts + comment on Instagram pictures because some people’s feeds are freaking fire (s/o to @ellestorset + her brother @isaiahsuko if you ever read this…their photography is bomb).

10:25 PM – I do more homework. If it seems like I do a lot of homework, I don’t, not really. I mean, I get a lot of homework, but I spread it out and procrastinate with it so much that it seems like a lot more than it actually is.

11 PM – I head to my room with the footage from the art session earlier in the day and upload and edit everything. I love doing blog/YouTube stuff at night because everyone in my family is asleep + it’s peaceful and quiet.

1 AM – I finish uploading the video to YouTube (when I start doing something, I like to finish it all the way through in one sitting or else it doesn’t end up getting done), schedule it + make the thumbnail. Then I finish this blog post (yes, I’m writing this right now at 1 am). I do a last check of my Blogger stats and set an alarm for tomorrow (or, rather, today).

1:30 AM – Bedtime!!! I really should not go to bed this late, but since it’s the weekend, I’m letting myself do so. Thanks for tagging along, and I hope you enjoyed this Day in the Life! (And comment if you’d like Abbie + me to do more collabs in the future!)


Thank you again to Rachel for collaborating with me today! Now let’s talk: What does a day in your life look like? What is your favorite way to create/express yourself?

And don’t forget to check out my post at Rachel’s blog!



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