How to be a Better Blogger – Part 02, Episode 02: Post Design


Well, folks – here we are again!! I’m drafting this post way late at night (though it will be morning by the time you read it) and my brain is totally SPENT so if none of this makes sense, I apologize in advance. But I did want to give you guys another episode of this so BOOM – here it is. (Also, how do you like my new cover image?? I WORKED REALLY HARD ON IT so say nice things and make me smile. Cool? Cool.)

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Layout! Camera! Action!

So you write brilliant blog posts. You know that they are brilliant, but how will anyone else know that they are brilliant?They will have to read them. And how do you get someone to actually read your post? That’s the big question – it’s right up there with all the others, like why have Sharpies not solved the world’s problems? and are waffles real or just a figment of our small, deranged imaginations?? I do not know the answers to these questions – but I think I might know the answer to the biggest of the three: how do you get someone to actually read your blog post? To answer it, I have to talk about blog post design.

There was a time when I would publish a blog post in whatever format it came out of my head (ie: in a giant BLOCK of un-paragraphed text) and post it. But to a reader, that is not only confusing and hard to read, it is daunting.

You start thinking, “Man, I have to get through all of this blog post???” And I don’t want you to think that. In fact, I don’t even want you to notice that you’re still reading this thing. I want you to be so drawn-in and entertained, you’re not thinking about the words on the screen – you’re thinking about how brilliant I am.

Imagine if your readers could crawl inside your head and see what’s going on. Would they take one look and run away screaming? ALL MY READERS WOULD.


Creativity > correctness.

Don’t get me wrong, guys – I strongly recommend not thinking about technical things and just being creative! You should draft your posts in whatever format is comfortable for you. But when it comes to actually publishing your content, think about what will grab and hold your reader’s attention.

Don’t be afraid to add copious amounts of headers, graphics, GIFs, dividers, and images. This breaks up the post and keeps things interesting and unexpected.

So you see, we’re really playing a mind game, here. We’re breaking up the mundane mood with other things to look at. You don’t need to reduce the amount of content you have – you just need to make sure it’s laid out properly. We live in an age of visual impressions, folks.


A word about fonts.

Okay, so I’m a bit of a font manic. I LOVE FONTS. There are so many of them floating around in the cyber world like space junk and they’re all so unique and pretty and interesting and gah. (ESPECIALLY BRUSH FONTS omg I just want all the brush fonts.)

When formatting a blog post, choose basic web fonts. The painful truth is, not all fonts appear the same for everyone. If you want your blog to look a certain way for everyone, use a basic web font.

NOT THE BEST OPTION, I KNOW. But look about you! You might just find one you love. Or, y’know…tolerate.


How do you like to format your blog posts? Do you use dividers, images, or headers of any kind?(HINT: you should, because they’re super fun.) What is your favorite novelty font? What is your favorite web font? How do you like my new cover image??? SQUEAK.



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