How to be a Better Blogger – Part 02, Episode 03: Resizing Images


HEY YOU WITH THE WAFFLE. I have a short and sweet crash course in resizing images today!! Nothing fancy, nothing long-winded, and nothing incredibly special. (But definitely including Downton GIFs. As is our custom. Heh.) And speaking of Downton Abbey, I didn’t realize that when you buy the whole season on Amazon Instant Video you get the Christmas special right away?? (Us people are too impatient to wait for March 6th to slug around.) If anyone else has seen the last episode (ever! WAAAAA) let’s blab about it in the comments! I thought it was gloriously satisfying. NOW BACK TO BUSINESS.

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The Smudge Disorder

I am what most people would call a perfectionist. I like everything to be just so and if it’s not? WELL THEN I AM ANNOYED. And you know what I do when I am annoyed.* I can relate to Mr. Carson when there is a smudge on the silver and Mrs. Hughes tells him that nobody will ever notice it but he will know that it’s there and that makes all the difference. (No, I don’t have a GIF for that don’t make me cry.)

*wreak havoc on the nations, my dear.

Perfectionism may be wholly unnecessary at times, but not always. In fact, it usually makes everything right in the world.

Part of this perfectionism – or what I am lovingly referring to as the smudge disorder – is having images look flawlessly symmetrical within my blog posts. For me, it’s a must. Everything looks ship-shape this way and that’s exactly how I like it.


Margins, margins, margins.

Resizing images to fit your blog post dimensions isn’t hard. In fact, it’s super easy and I’m going to delve into it here. (BECAUSE I’M A GEEK. You guys have been warned.) There was a time when I used the preset dimensions that blogger offers (small, medium, large, extra-large, etc.) but not anymore. I find these presets just a little too small for my liking. (BUT if one of Blogger’s dimension presets happens to cosmically align with your blog post dimensions and everything looks cool to you, then go for it! All that matters is that your blog looks good.)

However, if you want to go with the route of resizing your images by hand (the way I do it) then here’s what you need to figure out: what are your blog post dimensions? [For example, mine are 750 pixels.]

If using Blogspot, go to: dashboard > template > customize > adjust widths

template sizeGRAPHDONE

Next, it’s time to resize your images! To do this, I use PicMonkey (which is the answer to world peace BUT I won’t bore you guys with a full-length review. NOT YET, anyway. Muaha.) Open an image to edit > resize > enter your post dimensions > apply > save. It’s that quick and easy! (read in an Anthony Sullivan voice omg.)


You don’t want a blank space, baby.

Holy smokes did I just misquote a Taylor Swift song?? I THINK I DID. SEND HELP. (And waffles because I’m running kind of low.) Nobody wants a giiiiaaaaant space of nothing between each photo in a blog post, right? Well here’s how to fix that: PLAY AROUND.  Seriously, no two blog designs are alike (they are like snowflakes and thumbs and M&Ms in that respect. WHAT, you didn’t know that NO TWO M&MS ARE ALIKE?? Oh my gosh happy revolutionized life, my dear.)

In my blog posts, I delete the space altogether – and my layout looks just lovely.


WELL GUYS, THAT’S ALL I HAVE TO SAY. Hopefully you’re all still awake at this point. If so, you deserve a waffle and quite possibly a new Sharpie.


Did any of this make sense?? Because I honestly have no idea if I’m good at writing tutorial-style posts. Does it annoy YOU if pictures don’t cosmically align? If not, can you teach me how to not care about these things??? And DO YOU HAVE THE SMUDGE DISORDER??



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