My New Single “You Only Die Once” is HERE!


You know what’s exciting?? I got a couple of new pairs of socks with my Nikes. They’re made out of bamboo and sooo comfortable. Yep. NO I’M KIDDING I MEAN THAT’S COOL TOO BUT FOR GOSH SAKES I’M RELEASING A SONG TODAY AND I’M A LITTLE BIT HAPPIER ABOUT THAT. ahem.

I’m not going to blab endlessly – because I like the music to speak for itself – but I am going to scream about a couple of things.

First, I’ve scheduled the release of this song to take place on a dear friend’s birthday. She was the only person other than my family whom I shared lyrics with/squealed with before the release of this song! THIS ONE’S FOR YOU, GIRL. I hope you have the most fabulous of birthdays. (Also consider it my apology for falling off the face of the earth. xD)

Second, this song is really close to me. It’s one of those love letter songs – the kind where I feel Jesus’ hands moving around in my heart and I have no choice but to write down the words. This is a song about a life that is greater than anything we’ve ever dared to imagine. This is a song about only dying once – on the cross with our Savior.


“For the love of Christ compels us,

having concluded this,

that One has died for all,

therefore all have died.”

– 2 Corinthians 5:14


The cosmos have been singing about it forever. I’m just joining in. LISTEN AND ENJOY, YOU GUYS. Your feedback keeps me going, dreaming, smiling, and feeling like the most blessed girl on the face of the earth. thank you. xx

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