Real Life Saturday (Episode 09)










Do you ever have those days when reality just hits you in the face like a blunt object and you have literally no motivation to do anything? Yeah. That’s kind of what I’m feeling right now. I’ve spent my last drops of energy on figure skating like a maniac and avoiding several hundred collisions with small school children (er, some of them were teenagers oki) and I am now ready to kick back and enjoy my weekend! But first, time to blab about life.



The way Paul set kiddos straight through his letters. Like, I haven’t really read the letters of Paul like this. What he writes isn’t applicable to everyone who claps eyes on it – it was applicable to the specific groups/churches that he was writing to. Some of these groups/churches got their beliefs corrupted by crooked teachers who entered their communities, and Paul was writing letters jam-packed with the truth in order to set them right-side up again. (Like in Colossians.)


That every pen in my house was a Sharpie pen. THIS IS NOT A PLUG FOR SHARPIE, OKAY?? I JUST REALLY LIKE THEIR PENS. And for whatever reason, they like to run and hide from me. (Maybe I’m a cruel, cold-hearted pen-user? idk.) Either that, or the GARDEN GNOMES* STEAL THEM.

*before you unfollow my blog, allow me to clarify: i do not own garden gnomes. my weekender neighbors own garden gnomes and i wouldn’t put it past them to get up to some mischief when left unattended.


  • A new book idea that I CANNOT BY ANY MEANS ALLOW MYSELF TO WRITE. Guys…I have a problem. Ideas accidentally plague me in my sleep. My fingers accidently create story playlists on Spotify. My eyes accidentally catch pins that need a new home/board. I HAVE A PROBLEM.
  • This episode of NOVA about memories, which is totally fascinating. Aaaand it also kind of TOTALLY gave me a TON OF INSPO AND IDEAS for a book. (No, not the book mentioned above. Another book. A trilogy, in fact, still in embryo stage. Hahahaha…ha. HA.)
  • Twenty One Pilots. Like…I just discovered their music for the first time this week and I’M FAIRLY SURE I’M IN LOVE. And pretty sure Tear In My Heart was WRITTEN for this book* I’m working on.
  • Trailer music. More specifically this song from the trailer for Eddie the Eagle (which, by the way, looks adorable.)
*not the book I mentioned before OR the trilogy. a different one. see, you guys? I HAVE A PROBLEM.


Living like, “KK WUT’S THE NEXT THING??” Because I’m fairly sure that is frowned-upon by the healthier and saner people among us – and because I WANT TO ENJOY WHAT’S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. I want to live by that cute, clichéd verse about this moment being “a gift and that’s why it’s called the present.” I LIKE THAT. I WANT THAT. I don’t want to be constantly thinking about the next thing on my task list.


  • A post about FUN TECHNICAL THINGS like the way blog posts look. Don’t worry, it probably won’t be as boring as it sounds. It will be the next installment of my How to be a Better Blogger series which means there will be Downton GIFs so yeah. #PACIFIED
  • This month’s playlist. Which will be totally love-themed, by the way. Because whether you’re single or “taken” on Valentine’s Day, you’re always being embraced by the maker of the universe. And we all need to remember that. Constantly.
  • A REALLY EXCITING collaboration with a fellow blogger that I’m not sure I’m supposed to talk about yet. So just sit tight and shhh look for something on Saturday!



What have you been up to this week? Anything you’ve been meditating on/thinking about over and over and over again lately? Like waffles? Or books that you won’t let yourself write? What is your favorite kind of pen? < this question is in large font because it is important. What do you want to stop doing? What is next week?



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