West Coast Diaries – Part Fifteen: Redwood Forest

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May 29. Today we explore the Redwood Forest some more. At the campground, there are these little hiking trails through the woods that go down to the river and signs posted at the trailheads (like, LEGIT SIGNS) that say: ‘WARNING: the animal known as bigfoot has been spotted in this area. USE CAUTION. No children beyond this point unless accompanied by an adult.’ It was so cool! And kind of freaky. We kept making bigfoot jokes, and all secretly hoped that we would see him. But we didn’t.
Then we headed out to explore. First we went to the Trees of Mystery place, then we drove around aimlessly for two hours, wondering where this trail goes, or where was that little dirt road that we drove down last time? Until finally it was noon.
We go down this random street looking for a place to get food – and then it starts winding upwards, this road does. Up, up, up it goes until finally we come to a viewpoint with a whole bunch of people gathered round with big zoom lens cameras and binoculars. So we stop and get out and look around – and there’s a pod of gray whales! It was amazing! They were all down in the terquiose waters, splashing about and feeding and there was even a mother swimming side-by-side with her baby. It was so magical. I even saw the baby whale spy-hop a few times! Incredible! I swear I could almost see his/her eye. It was just an amazing experience.
After this, we drove back to the campground to eat some food. Mom and I made sandwiches and afterwards, we drove back out into the Redwood Forest to do some hiking. It was a lot of fun. We saw so many giant trees and took lots of photos. And we saw some wild elk! UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. Yep. They were pretty sweet.
We also went to a place called Fern Canyon, which was particularly magical. (And it was also the set of a scene in the second Jurassic Park movie.) I would’ve loved to hike there longer, but it’s a bit wet and we didn’t have boots.
So it was another long day of exploring. We picked up the place a bit, preparing to drive out the next morning to Grants Pass. After supper, me and Dad went down to the game room again to try and play some pool but we only really did one round because the pool table ate all of our balls and didn’t give them back. It was kind of funny. We walked back to the motorhome and went to bed.
p.s. sorry for the lateness, y’all.
i have a nasty cold. xx

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